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Albany, NY


We’re Steadfast Beer Co.

pintWelcome to our website. We’re a Gluten-Free Craft Beer company based in Albany, NY.

We began brewing in 2011 and shipped our first case in April of 2012. We pride ourselves on offering interesting, bold and creative Gluten-Free beers to people who cannot consume gluten, whether by choice or necessity. We realize that maintaining a Gluten-Free lifestyle is tough – we’ve chosen a compass to represent our brand as a nod to finding one’s bearings and a sense of direction amid a lifestyle change that can be dizzying and discouraging.

Our “Boulder Man” (his real name is Sisyphus) represents our love of a good challenge. Many Gluten-Free beer drinkers are converts from “regular” (or barley-malt-based) beer; to create superb craft beer while avoiding what the rest of the brewing world sees as main ingredients requires a Steadfast approach. “To create familiar flavors from unfamiliar ingredients” is our test. We stand enthusiastically behind the recipes we’ve crafted and are always innovating to make better beer. Because of this, we’re proud to provide you with flavorful, satisfying ales (lagers, too someday…!) that are 100% Gluten-Free. Our ingredients are Gluten-Free, our process is Gluten-Free, and you can rest assured that the beer in your Steadfast bottle is too. Whether you’ve missed bold and hoppy flavors, elegant and traditional Belgian-style finesse, or the experience of a real seasonal brew, we’re happy to say to you, “Welcome Back To Beer!”


  • "Finally!! A beer delicious and gluten-free!" -J. Hanson, NY


  • "Finally!! A beer delicious and gluten-free!" -J. Hanson, NY




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